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Just Following for this great work! Maybe I use on the future :D

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what license is this ? I might want to use this in my Game, ofc I will pay for it, not sure how much though. testing it out for free right now, buying it later, if I can use it in a commercial Project. Love this :D

Edit: looked into it and it is great. But before I buy this, there is 1 thing missing for me: the Magazines as seperate Objects. Is that possible ? Love this so much and would love to use it in my Project.

Hi, I was wondering if you could scopes for some of the guns. They don't have to have full functionality, just be part of the art. As always, good job. Looking forward to some sidearms.

love your low poly stuff!

These are awesome! they will be extremly useful for my game, it would be awesome if you made a sidearms pack!


sorry for the late reply, but im woking on the sidearms and will come soon